Project Associate Professor
Division of First-Year Education
Komaba Organization for Educational Excellence (KOMEX)
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences
The University of Tokyo


Born in Hakodate, Hokkaido
Ph.D. in Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo. March, 2007
M. in in Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo. March, 2004
B. in Arts and Sciences, the University of Tokyo. March, 2002

Teaching experience & employment history

Teaching Assistant, the University of Tokyo. 2002, 2003
Adjunct Instructor, Ikemi Gakuen (Medical engineering college), 2004-2010 Mar.
Adjunct Instructor, Senshu University, 2008 Oct.-2010 Mar.
Adjunct Instructor, Waseda University, 2009 Mar.-2014 Mar.
Adjunct Instructor, Tokyo Woman's Christian University, 2010 April-2011 Mar.
Project Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo, 2010 April-2011 Mar.
Project Lecturer, The University of Tokyo, 2011 April-2014 Sept.
Adjunct Instructor, Rikkyo University, 2014 Sept.-
Project Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo, 2014 Oct.-

JSPS Research Fellow (DC1), 2004-2007
JSPS Research Fellow (PD), 2007-2009

Research interest

My research interest is to explore evolutionary explanation and remedies for female sexual victimization and inter-sex miscommunication regarding sexual issues. My original research strategies focused on individual differences in nonverbal signals and person perception caused by them. Recently I focus on endocrinological backgrounds of (especially females') individual differences in sexual strategies, covering various underpinning psychological mechanisms.

Key research areas

Within-sex individual differences in sexual strategies
Measurement and study of hormones in human females
Human nonverbal communication

Memberships in Academic Societies

HBES (Human Behavior & Evolution Society)
HBES-J (Human Behavior & Evolution Society of Japan); secretariat
SBN (Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology)JPA (The Japanese Psychological Association)
Japan Ethological Society
The Japanese Society of Social Psychology